Monday, September 17, 2012

RMO Trade Show System

Problem Description:

Trade shows have become an important information source for new products, new fashions, and new fabrics, there are many smaller providers. It is important for RMO to capture information about these suppliers while the trade show is in progress. It is also important to obtain information about specific merchandise products that RMO plans to purchase. Additionally, if quality photographs of the products can be obtained while at the trade show, then the creation of online product pages is greatly facilitated.

It is recommended that a new system be developed and deployed so field purchasing agents can communicate more rapidly with the home office about suppliers and specific products of interest. 

This system should be deployed on portable equipment.

System Capabilities:
The new system should be capable of:
- Collecting and storing information about the manufacturer/wholesales (Suppliers)
- Collecting and storing information about sales representatives and other key
  personnel for each supplier
- Collecting information about products
- Taking pictures of products (and/or uploading stock images of products)
- Functioning as a stand-alone with connection
- Connecting via Wi-Fi (Internet) and transmitting data
- Connecting via telephone and transmitting Data

Business Benefits:
It is anticipated that the deployment of this new system will provide the following business benefits to RMO:
- Increase timely communication between trade show attendees and home office, thereby improving the quality and speed of purchase order decisions
- Maintain correct and current information about suppliers and their key personnel, thereby facilitating rapid communication with suppliers.
- Maintain correct and repaid information and images about new products, thereby facilitating the development of catalogs and Web pages
- Expedite the placing of purchases orders of new merchandise, thereby catching trends more rapidly and speeding up product availability

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