Monday, October 22, 2012


Why do we have so many power connecters for our portable DEVICES?

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we could have the same connector for all of our portable mobile devices. Going to the Airport you have to scramble around the terminal area in a mad search for a hook up to a power source to recharge your devices? 

this is the most cost effective way to recharge your mobile device, Providing you can tap into a power source that drives your laptop computer. 

keeping track of all the different types of connectors is difficult at times.  Is this one of safety issue or is a proprietary scheme to make more money off the consumer, when the mobile devices are purchases.  I am a consumer that utilizes every type of mobile device made today. I would think in this modern day that a universal type of connector would be the order of the day. You have people that are world travelers and operate on many business levels.  Maybe one day in the near future the Electronic manufactures like Samsung, Apple, etc will eventually think about the consumer and standardize these connectors as one unit. 


  1. Apple has created yet a new connector, called the lightening. It is only specific to the iPhone and Ipod 5 generation models

  2. I've always pondered this issue as well. It seems to me, with my limited engineering knowledge, that it would be possible to standardize the connector to all or most of the devices on the market today. However, it appears as though there is a huge market with lots of money to be made in the peripherals. I can't help but to think that the proprietary connectors some companies use only serves to limit their customers to specific peripheral devices and accessories sold by their partners.